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Bye Bye Big Brother is a comprehensive, totally legal strategy, to enable any intelligent person to create an alternative universe and new options to enjoy life. Our Mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to achieve the life you desire.

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Home FAQs PT Lifestyle and Playgrounds I am not sure if I am the right type of person for the PT lifestyle…

I am not sure if I am the right type of person for the PT lifestyle…

It’s not for everybody. In fact, PT is for a tiny minority of the general population. If everybody became a PT, it wouldn’t work.

PTs don’t need any specific skills, but they need a specific mindset. If you are happy where you are, then there’s no need to move. If you feel something is missing, you feel restricted, held back or threatened where you are and/or attracted by opportunities in other lands, then PT is for you.

If you have read this far on this website, then the chances are good that you are PT material. Feel free to contact us for a chat through online live support or on the phone. Maybe we can answer some more of your queries.

Or you can just go ahead and buy the books. Read them through carefully. If, after doing so, you feel you are not PT material, just return them in mint condition for a full refund and you will have lost nothing. You get to keep the freebies.


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