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Bye Bye Big Brother is a comprehensive, totally legal strategy, to enable any intelligent person to create an alternative universe and new options to enjoy life. Our Mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to achieve the life you desire.

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Home FAQs Asset Protection Iím a lawyer. What can you do for me?

Iím a lawyer. What can you do for me?

Everybody loves to hate lawyers. Except us. Grandpa himself was a lawyer in his former life, but he became so frustrated by the restrictions placed on him practising onshore, that he gave up his license and became a writer and consultant instead.

There are just so many things that lawyers cannot tell their clients these days. You may know something about powerful offshore asset protection strategies, immigration and nationality law, "citizenship of choice" and so on. But recommending them to clients could be very dangerous to your wealth, your career and your freedom. We understand.

Furthermore, we know of many lawyers who have been unjustly subjected to criminal charges. "Conspiracy" with clients, for example. Maybe your ethics and your oath donít allow you to file suspicious activity reports on your clients, which makes you yourself a criminal in front of the law.

If so, maybe itís time to say Bye Bye Big Brother Ė or at least to investigate what your options are. In the books you will learn all about secret asset protection strategies, second passports and offshore lifestyles Ė either for your own use, or as advice you can resell at high fees to your trusted clients. You can prepare a safe landing for your early retirement by building up your porfolio of offshore investments. And on our membersí only website, you can network with like minded professionals from around the world.

If, after reading the books, you donít agree that the information in them is worth far more than you paid for it, simply return them for a full refund and you will have lost nothing. And of course, buying the books should normally classify as a tax deductible business expense.


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