The Bye Bye Big Brother series is published by Global Liberty Publishing Inc (GLP). GLP was originally formed in Panama in 2005 in order to serve as a publishing vehicle for the Bye Bye Big Brother 'Black Books'. In 2009 it moved its place of incorporation to St Vincent, a Caribbean island known for its white, sandy beaches.

Every PT knows you can't get good advice about internationalizing yourself with second passports and offshore holdings in your home country - at any price.

Here is something else all PTs need to know: Large democracies (the USA and the UK to name but two) actively censor information on offshore investing, second passports and the like. Foreign banks are banned from advertising higher returns or superior financial products in other countries. This is to help the government keep investment capital at "home" and taxable. So the average bloke in the USA, European Union, and Australia can't be told of many opportunities outside their own borders? That doesn't mean that offshore investing is illegal. It isn't. It's just illegal for reliable outfits to tell you how to learn of good deals abroad.

Our main operational base is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Why? Brazil is still a tolerant country. No Big Brother stuff. They don't over-regulate. They are a bit anarchic, like Italy. They respect freedom of the press. Eccentric foreigners like us feel welcome here. All you have to do to be left alone is to respect local laws and try to blend in. It is easy to do with the cosmopolitan, multi-racial populace.

Brazil is far from natural disaster zones. Brazil does not have hurricanes, typhoons or earthquakes. Brazil is not a terrorist target, neither is it close to one. Crime is not a problem if you don't flaunt wealth or make yourself a target. Brazil has 20% of the entire world's fresh water supply.

Brazil is a country that boasts beautiful women, bountiful business opportunities, and a great climate with sunny sand beaches. Rio's Ipanema Beach offers an ambiance that is a Paradise Today for most PTs. Naturally, we welcome visitors and will give our good customers guided tours of Brazil for free!

Grandpa's helpers offer on site professional consulting in Brazil (not always free of course). We can recommend good value places to live, restaurants, and great places to party. For free. We are always open to visits by members who would like to socialize and sample the local ambiance. We may even hire you!

Most of the other people involved in the company just pass through the office from time to time once in a blue moon. At other times, they can be reached exclusively via the internet.

Why would we take the personal risk in publishing these books, instead of following our own advice and living under the radar?

"There are two ways of exerting one's strength; one is pushing people down, the other is our way: pulling them up."

We have several motives. Years ago, when we started to seek our fortune, we had no mentors. We made far too many mistakes. It would have been so wonderful to have someone who had trodden the path before to give us just a few pointers. Eventually somebody up there did lead us to informed sources. We connected with generous older mentors who could and did help us immeasurably. And we formed "The Team." Thus Bye Bye Big Brother is something of a payback. We will pass on to other deserving individuals information of the sort that helped us get where we are today.

There is another reason too. We dislike oppressive Big Brother governments, most lawyers, and bureaucrat-leeches. Thus, it gives us great pleasure to help other people declare their independence and also reduce their unwanted tithes. We want you to know how to operate effectively; invisibly below the radar of oppressive socialistic systems found in so many countries today. We believe taxation is completely immoral. We are pleased if we can do our bit to cut off the revenues of Big Brother governments who would otherwise use that money to oppress individuals, trample roughshod over civil liberties or engage in multi-trillion dollar "bailouts" that serve no purpose except to put money in the pockets of corrupt individuals.

Then there is a more personal third reason. As you move up in the world, we know that with Bye Bye Big Brother as part of your philosophy of life, you will want to be in touch with like minded people through our website and forum. You may become part of our hugely successful inner circle. You might even become a member of "The Team." We need new, successful, individuals on our wavelength for deals, fun and games, and joint business ventures. Together we and all Bye Bye Big Brother adherents will profit from the new associations.

Want to get to know more about us? Visit us. We will welcome you! No "real" names or home addresses will ever be requested. No awkward questions. We hope to develop a relationship of mutual trust with new clients, PT style. The utmost discretion is offered and expected at all times.

Sorry, but these individualized services are restricted to members. Please join first, then contact us through the Members' Section if you would like to meet up.