How to Get your Money Out of Your Country, Before Your Country Gets Your Money Out of You!

Wealthier, more productive people are being targeted by tax and justice systems. Tax collectors are no longer the only danger. Many people who build up a sizable nest egg are rightly worried about losing it to a "Robin Hood" legal system, arbitrary seizure or currency collapse. Fighting the system is not a viable option.

Then, there is the risk of systemic collapse. What if you have the same amount of dollars, pounds or euros in your bank account - but they are worth nothing any more?

For these reasons, smart money is going offshore. The flow of capital has turned from a trickle into a river. Soon there may be nothing left onshore and the government will be forced to print more money. At the same time, capital controls are being introduced by the back door. Governments are ever more vicious in their attempts to stop the unstoppable. Desperate times are calling for desperate measures on both sides!

The all new 2009 edition of Peter Trevellian's Invisible Investor, substantially updated and re-edited by Grandpa and Others, tells you why you must act now and what you must do to protect your ass and your assets! Now is not the time for procrastination. Urgent action is the only way you can protect what is rightfully yours.

In Invisible Investor you will learn things like:

  • Offshore Finance for Dummies
  • Choosing the Right Bank and Country for Your Offshore Accounts
  • How and Where to Conduct Your Active, Visible Business Activities
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning, and How to Unlock Your Pension Plan
  • How to Set Up Your Parallel Invisible Financial World
  • How a Leading Named Swiss Bank Blackmailed its Client
  • How US Federal Investigative Agencies are Becoming Self-Financing Profit Centers
  • How to Legally Beat Exchange Controls and Travel Restrictions
  • How to Avoid Being a Target for Statutory Asset Seizure
  • How to be Super Sure of Breaking a Paper Trail
  • The Ultimate Mobile Money (It's not cash!)
  • Six Rules on How to Ask Your Lawyer or Consultant Difficult Questions
  • Capital Preservation Strategies for Invisible Investors
  • How to Repatriate Your Money Discreetly if You Need It
  • How to Create Your Own Offshore Wealth: The PT Mindset

You'll also read many real-life offshore case studies, that make the complicated international investing scene easier for lay persons to understand. Read the story of Peter Trevellian's Divorce and how Living Well was his Best Revenge. Read how a physician successfully broadened his horizons and went offshore little by little. You'll hear the horror story of the jazz musician whose life collapsed around him when he was subject to an investigation about unfair advertising practices. And the story of Gentleman Jimmy, a retired American who moved to South East Asia.

The Invisible Investor 2009 Edition will help you educate yourself on how to protect yourself, your family and your assets. Explore your options and develop your own game plan. Remember the famous last words of W.G. Hill, Retd.: "Get your money out of the country before your country gets the money out of you!"

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