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Do I have to travel or leave my home country to be a PT?

The simple answer is no, travelling is not a requirement. PT is above all a way of thinking.

In chapters 22 and 23 (Volume 12 of Bye Bye Big Brother) you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the "Paper PT" concept. In fact, there’s a whole book called "Paper PT" by Alphonse von Kattle which is all about appearing on paper to travel without leaving home. This book is included on the PT-CD which we are currently offering as a free gift with all purchases of Bye Bye Big Brother. Alternatively, it’s available as free download in the members’ section.

Paper PT is about arranging your paperwork to show you are just ‘Passing Through’ – even though you might spend all your time in one place. That way, you obtain the benefits of being a tourist (such as no taxes) while also enjoying the benefits of being a resident.

In all honesty, we have our reservations about the Paper PT idea. These reservations are explored in detail in the above mentioned chapters. We doubt you could acquire the right mindset without leaving your home town. But maybe after a lifetime of savvy travel, Paper PT is the way to settle down and carry on enjoying the advantages. Please read the above mentioned chapters to see our detailed reply to this interesting question.



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