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Tell me about the publishing company and who is behind it?

Global Liberty Publishing Inc is an offshore company registered in a small country that boasts a lot of beautiful beaches and palm trees. It specializes in the marketing of information related to privacy, asset protection, personal security, alternative citizenships, expatriation and more. Bye Bye Big Brother is its flagship product.

The people behind the company are a team of internationalist PTs. We are keen to get this information out to a carefully select audience of people who can benefit from it. We get our kick out of reducing the power of Big Brother governments.

There are a few silent financial partners, a few action men, and a few writers. Then there are a couple of sales guys and a beautiful secretary.

If you want to get to know the team better, we will welcome you as a client. Tell us more about you, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about us as we develop a relationship of mutual trust. The utmost discretion is offered and expected at all times.



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