"A healthy dose of Bye Bye Big Brother releases enough of your vibrant, youthful energy and opportunity to put you on an ascent to Paradise Today."

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It was a pleasure to be recommended by the International Harry Schultz Newsletter, consistently world's premier international investment, financial, economic, geopolitical, privacy, sociological and philosophical newsletter. HSL is now in its 41st year with subscribers in 71 nations - decades of money-making investment advice in all major world stock, bond, commodities, and currencies markets. Based in Switzerland, HSL is one of the few truly international investment newsletters...

"No crazy schemes. In those areas where it might be easy (or tempting) to cross the line into what big brother may later define as 'criminal', it shines a big red warning light, & illuminates the dividing line betw'n what's legal & what could be dangerous. The authors include noted tax lawyers & CPAs who think out of the box, & have an int'l PT outlook. Who would benefit from this helfbending 3-volume set of bureaucrat-busting info? Anyone who wants a complete PT resource/reference. Or who wants to know how to internationalise his/her life [needed now as never before, in a 1984 world!]. Or wants to increase his privacy. Or wants to implement bullet- proof asset protection strategies. Or wants to enjoy life, more or less free - legally." Written by "Grandpa," a real PT. More than a book, it's a course in how PT works."