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How to Become Happy, Healthy, Sexy and Wealthy!

Welcome. Here’s how YOU can use little known but entirely legal techniques to:

  • Legally Avoid Confiscatory Taxes
  • Legally wipe out unjust Alimony and Child Support payments
  • Legally protect Your Family’s assets against unwarranted lawsuits
  • Avoid religious or political persecution and prosecution
  • Legally walk away from Unjust Criminal Charges
  • Keep You and Your Family safe and healthy

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 You need this information if any of the following apply or could apply to you:

  • Could you be unjustly targeted by bureaucrats, tax collectors or crazy creditors?
  • Will you be on the receiving end of an off-the-wall, contingent fee lawsuit?
  • Does your ex-spouse unreasonably hound you for alimony or child support?
  • Do contradictory bureaucratic regulations and burdensome reporting requirements take up too much of your time and energy?
  • Does Big Brother stifle your creativity or limit your options?
  • Do you feel that government and the legal system are threatening rather than protecting your personal freedom and your assets?
  • Are you stressed, working too hard but not keeping enough of the money you earn?
  • Are you tired of living half the life you should be living?

Even if you are a positive person who is happy, prosperous and enjoying life – sort of – you should be doing better. You know you could improve your situation.

If you could have nearly one hundred personal, private consulting sessions with the finest minds money can buy, at nominal cost, would you be interested? How about if you could have on retainer the world’s top problem solvers, tax accountants, genius international lawyers? The ones usually only the super rich can afford?

Whatever your circumstances, you know in your heart that you could be enjoying life far, far more. You have decided that you absolutely, positively must start to investigate alternatives...

"Someday," you say.

You must have contingency plans in place before a crisis hits. Your personal “Plan B” should be ready, just in case, to extricate yourself – if need be. Suppose your business or personal circumstances take a turn for the worse? Wouldn’t it be great to have another life, in another country, ready and waiting to step into?

But how long will you wait? Until the next lawsuit, tax audit or your divorce? Until the next natural disaster or terrorist attack causes chaos and anarchy? You can’t buy insurance against most of these. Not to mention the sort of unexpected, unwarranted criminal charges that successful individuals are facing with increasing regularity.

Have you ever researched other options for putting and keeping your life on a proper course? Do you take sensible precautions to avoid risking your freedom and your assets? Are you protected against all the bad things that could happen? Only when you are fully prepared against all eventualities can you be totally secure!

No matter what your situation, you can make plans to diversify your investments, expand your professional activities, and maybe start a business overseas. Then, if you ever need to make a fast getaway, you will have a great seaside or mountain retreat abroad, safe investments, plus a new cash-generating business, new international friends, and worldwide contacts.

Do you have any idea of the wonderful new experiences and international playgrounds that are out there waiting for you? Do you know how to grow your wealth exponentially, earning high tax free returns from secure offshore investments? While enjoying a lifestyle you can only dream of at the moment?

Even if you never face an unexpected emergency, your future can be secured. The Bye Bye Big Brother solution is better than any kind of insurance. It is the life plan favored by virtually all multi-millionaires. What’s the plan?

You’ll start by quickly getting the documentation and accumulating the resources needed to leave your problems behind. Once this is done, you can retire, live or travel abroad whenever you wish. You will learn how to legally obtain alternate (second) foreign passports and generate a second, foreign tax-free stream of income. And how sweet it will be to change surroundings and live like a king with a choice of delightful companions!

If you don’t need nor want any changes, nor the advantageous international perspective we feel is essential, you can still learn about it – then, have it all as an option … just in case. Just having your Plan B ready breeds a sense of security and preparedness. In this way, saying Bye Bye Big Brother will impart a general sense of wellbeing, less stress, a healthier and longer life and greater happiness! Not just for you, but for your loved ones too.

When you say "Bye Bye Big Brother"...


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© 2006 Bye Bye Big Brother