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Read what other people are saying about Bye Bye Big Brotherů

We asked a sprinkling of early adopters what they thought of the Bye Bye Big
Brother concept. Read what they said below. ..

"The ultimate PT book . . . written by 'Grandpa', it's a 3-volume trip and guide
into PT life. Not so much books as a course in how PT can work for you. At
US$600 it's a giveaway. It's worth $5K, even $50K.. . . they offer money back if
not satisfied." 

This review was by Harry Schultz, the most highly paid financial consultant in
the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. Harry Schultz Newsletter
was just awareded the 'Newsletter of the Year' title by Peter Brimelow of CBS
Market Watch. It was also recently proclaimed one of the "top 10 newsletters of
2005" in terms of profits made on its recommendations by Hulbert Financial

Grandpa, I┤m really impressed by Bye Bye Big Brother... it is more than I was
expecting. Besides, it┤s a page turner !, not only for the information but
especially for the style... the way is written, and the presentation is sober !

I must congratulate you right away. I may write back with some other comments
later on, or catch with you somewhere and have a talk.

I went thru the index in awe, and then started reading some interesting points.
But I just decided to read it thru all of it, from the very first page. I leave
at chapter  9  to write these comments.

L.M., Barcelona, Spain

The free consultation was much more than I expected. Thank you for the time you put into it. Your answers to my questions were very useful.

P.T., New York, USA



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