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Home FAQs Second Passports and Citizenships How can I get a second passport? Hasnít it become much more difficult these days?

How can I get a second passport? Hasnít it become much more difficult these days?

It has indeed become much more difficult. You have to be a lot more legally creative than was necessary in the past. But it is possible.

Obtaining a second citizenship is a very complex area of law. Volume 3 of Bye Bye Big Brother is packed with 260 pages of specific information on this subject, including an exclusive detailed table comparing nationality and naturalization laws in almost 200 countries of the world. This information is really unique Ė the result of years of specialist research by the editors. So we canít really answer that question in detail here.

There are four or five main routes to acquiring a second passport. One is instant economic citizenship. Another is by researching your ancestry or following your religion. Well over forty percent of Americans, for example, are entitled to second passports due to their ancestry or religion, even though many donít know it. A third method is through a period of residence (either physical or virtual) in a country, and a fourth is through marriage or parenting.

Then there is the grey market route Ė persuading a politician to recognise your unique contribution to his nation. Finally there are other, even more creative and unusual routes. Bye Bye Big Brother explains them all in depth, the advantages and the pitfalls, and also tells you who to contact in different countries.

Last but not least, we tell you how to avoid being scammed. The second passport business is a dangerous place if you donít have a reliable guide!


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