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Bye Bye Big Brother is a comprehensive, totally legal strategy, to enable any intelligent person to create an alternative universe and new options to enjoy life. Our Mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to achieve the life you desire.

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Home FAQs Second Passports and Citizenships Iím an American. I love my country. Why would I ever want a second citizenship?

Iím an American. I love my country. Why would I ever want a second citizenship?

Fine. Loving your country is great and something we hold in the highest esteem. We all love cultures, traditions, people and most of all our own blood, families and communities. But these tangible things should not be confused with government. The kind of second citizenship we are talking about is purely a matter of law, and has nothing to do with cultures or emotional ties. You wonít be changing your genes, just a legal document! It is about protecting yourself, your family and your assets from arbitrary moves by government.

Many Americans are patriotic towards the Constitution of the United States of America. Itís probably the most PT-oriented constitution on earth. But, realistically, they see that todayís US government has little respect for the constitution. The USA passport is the most expensive on earth, because the USA is the only country on earth which insists on the right to tax its citizens who decide to live in another country.

Holding a foreign passport is by no means an unpatriotic thing to do. In fact, we would say it is very much the ĎAmerican wayí. Holding a second passport is all about liberty, self-reliance, and taking care of yourself and your family. It doesnít change who you are or where you come from one bit (unless you want it toÖ).

That said, the future of the USA does not look good. The dollar is going is down. Regulation of private enterprise is at an all time high. Unjustified lawsuits abound. Intelligent, educated and wealthy people are leaving in droves. Thousands of poor, uneducated people arrive daily. Itís really time for Americans to take a reality check and looking at how much better they could live in other countries.

The second passport section (Volume 3) of Bye Bye Big Brother will explain your options clearly and in detail. Being prepared is just a smart thing to do!


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