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This is "Grandpa." It was great to be highly recommended by the #1 financial newsletter in the world and the highest paid financial consultant in the world (Guiness Book of World Records last 30 years!).  I am very enthusiastic about Bye Bye Big Brother. I wrote it (partly) and edited it (all).

It has been printed and is now ready for shipping. The deluxe presentation box is ready and high quality  leatherette covers have been attached. Specially for HSL readers, while stocks last,  I will personally inscribe your  copy(ies).  If desired you may have without any extra charge, your copy with a general, or personalized message (You can tell me anything about yourself or what you want said in the inscription, without revealing your identity).

You'll get a first edition, hand signed, hand numbered and hand dated author's proof. I think you will have something very special or perhaps a great gift(s) for a business partner, client, friend or favored young person. Note: of course, this will add a week or two to the normal delivery time.

VERY IMPORTANT: if ordering online at this website, please write in the "Comments" box that you are an HSL reader and any special personalization you would like. Equally, if the autograph is of no value to you, say so in the "comments" box. You can get your books faster without the personalization. The same applies to orders by mail. Just add a note about the personalization please!

Please excuse what may sound like too much hype or repetition in the following paragraphs. They were written by one of our very successful marketing consultant co-authors who rightly considers himself a great copy writer. These words (below) were not written for the Harry Schultz "family" because we all  know when Uncle Harry endorses something it is always a good deal. We don't need to be sold on it again by clever words. Having said that, here comes a paraphrase of the BBBB promo message. It will be going out to clients of  various PT consultants and subscribers to  PT oriented newsletters.

One further note: The price to all others will be 1 1/2 oz of gold. The special price to you will be about 20% less at $500 (USA dollars). Shipping charges may be extra depending on where you want the books sent, and by what service. We will give you all the options at the end of this message. If you want to skip to that now, just press 'Control + End.'

Here's most of the sales pitch from Global Publishing of Rio. They are handling all the marketing for all but my personal copies these are strictly reserved for HSL readers visiting this site. After they are sold... well, don't worry, this message will be up only until they are all sold.



"Instead of 10,000 for the complete set of reports at (100 consultations
plus extras), we have decided to make the price accessible to the any
moderately successful, middle class business or professional person!

To do this, we decided to bind them all together into a 3 volume, luxury
book format.

We turned over all these exclusive reports to a new editor-in-chief. He's a
lively old raconteur and writer who believes passionately in freedom,
privacy and the right of the individual to do what he pleases with his
hard-earned money.

Our editor, who prefers to be known only as "Grandpa", has been living as an
international man for over fifty years. He speaks several languages, has
practiced tax and immigration law, and has vast experience in coping with
bureaucracy in more than twenty-two countries, including the USA, UK and

Grandpa's job was to edit all reports, fit them together in a logical and
comprehensible order, and make them easy for the layman to read. He excelled
at this task: The first three hardback, high-quality bound volumes are ready
for shipping in January. Expect over 800 pages of exclusive and powerful
information!  Updates and more current stuff, plus transcriptions of client
exchanges will be on our internet site. More about this later.

You are not intended to read all three volumes of Bye Bye Big Brother in one
sitting or even in any special order. We envision that you will check the
table of contents, read what is most interesting to you, and then use BBBB
as a reference book for many, many years when crises arise or questions come

Bye Bye Big Brother is nothing like any accounting or legal textbook you
have ever seen. In fact, most lawyers and CPAs could learn a lot from it.
It's certainly not even a "book" in the normal sense of the word. Each
report has been integrated as a chapter (96 of them in total). Response to
our small distribution of galley proofs to well known PT authors and
lecturers has been 100% positive with favorable comments or reviews in the
HSL International Newsletter, Expat World, The Q (successor to the Mouse
Monitor), and more. We just heard this by e-mail from the legendary W.G.
Hill: "Loved it."  Well, he is now a man of few words, having retired to
become a low profile PT around 1990.

Bye Bye Big Brother is written in Grandpa's inimitable 'parable style' and
packed with many real-life onshore and offshore case studies.

You will learn how certain celebrities could have easily avoided their
problems by following simple advice in BBBB. You will learn from the
mistakes of high profile figures such as Marc Rich, Martha Stewart and Marc
Harris. You will learn even more from many cases that were NOT reported in
the media cases you would never hear about because they did everything
right! That's the kind of exclusive information you will find in Bye Bye Big

Because it is prepared by consultants who normally work on *keeping people
out of trouble*, and extricating those who didn't have or didn't follow
their good advice, you get *practical stuff--* not theories. To prevent the
boredom that might come from a legal text, the material is not presented as
boring lists or "rules" but rather as very interesting tales about real
people. Case studies- just like at Harvard! During this project the BBBB
team uncovered and will reveal stuff they can talk about only anonymously.  For
if publishers are based in a Big Brother "democracy" some of the "telling"
could jeopardize their professional licenses. In their home countries they
might be harassed, charged with conspiracy, or even face jail time. Every PT
knows you can't get good advice about internationalizing yourself with
second passports and offshore holdings in your home country -- at any price.
Plus, 9-11 has complicated everything. BBBB is the badly needed update of

Older well known books on the subject include *P.T., Sovereign Individual,
Invisible Investor, A Lodging for Wayfaring Men* and *How I found Freedom in
an Unfree World. *

After Twin Towers tumbled down on 9-11, somePT tactics bought unwelcome
attention from Big Brother.

P.T. was "Prior to Terrorism."  Bye Bye Big Brother is the New

Bye Bye Big Brother isn't only about protecting what you've got. It's also
about your future and that of your loved ones. Avoiding confrontations!
Growing your investments or business, for example. Keeping your life free
from government interference, lawsuits and confiscatory taxation.

Here is already something all PTs know: Foreign banks are banned from
advertising higher interest rates or superior financial products in other
countries. This is to help the government keep investment capital at "home"
and taxable. The average bloke in the USA, European Union, and
Australiacan't be told of many opportunities outside their own
borders? That doesn't mean that offshore investing is illegal. It isn't. It's just illegal for
reliable outfits to tell you how to learn of good deals abroad.  Bye Big
Brother could help you diversify with offshore investments. If you have a
taste for big rewards with more risky hedge funds -- they too are
there, laid out  for you. A foreign account is not just a passive place to
hold savings (as it is in the USA). Banks abroad will manage your assets
actively and help you invest legally-- often tax-free for offshore capital

Bye Bye Big Brother
is not about tax evasion or any illegal tricks.
On the
contrary. We want to stay on the straight and narrow. No crazy schemes. In
those areas where it might be easy [or tempting] to cross the line into what
big brother may later define as "criminal" we try to shine a big red light.
We illuminate the dividing line between what is legal and what could be
dangerous. The authors include noted tax lawyers and CPAs who think out of
the box, and have an international PT outlook.

Bye Bye Big Brother will even illustrate how some of our readers and authors
have set up profitable new enterprises on the internet. They roam the globe
electronically and rake in profits 24/7 completely anonymously, offshore and

So, now to the bottom line: How much will it cost?

A better question would be how much will it be worth to you?

As I said, the price of the original special reports was  100 each. These
were to be in electronic or "e-book" format for download. That price is an
enormous saving compared to one hour of one-on-one fees involved in gaining
the same information from a top consultant. One of our consultant co-authors
said the assembled reports were worth well over 10,000. Well, you know who
that was!

We decided to create a bargain package deal with the complete picture. We
want you to settle down in a relaxed environment and at your leisure, and
re-discover the whole updated PT concept. Research shows that people don't
browse and absorb e-books or messy print-outs in the same way that they can
glean and use info from serious, high-quality hard-bound reference volumes.

Happy, satisfied clients are good for my publishers' business too. They have and
will be releasing other niche products and special reports. Thus we have decided to put all of
our best reports together in three huge, luxury bound volumes. And to make
the package even more attractive, we have decided to offer a huge discount
and a very generous money-back guarantee.

Today, we are offering you the chance to acquire your own luxuriously boundb author's proof copy(ies) especially personalized and autographed for HSL readers. It is part of the author's first edition (500 copies) of the three volumes of Bye Bye Big Brother. The cost is probably less than taking a group of four out for dinner and drinks at a good restaurant in your home

The price? One-and-a-half troy ounces of gold. Or you can pay in local
currency. At current rates, we'll round it down to US$ 500.

We'll throw into our package deal, a whole host of very valuable extra
services absolutely free of charge. These alone are worth many times the
price we are charging for the under-priced BBBB books. If you don't believe
us, just check the following stuff out on Google. These free extras are
listed below:

Note: As the special offer announced by Uncle Harry came a bit early, most
of the freebie package isn't ready and it isn't even 100% definite. But
there will be a nice goody package, worth over $2000 and you will be getting
it delivered in early 2006.

Here is a tentative list of great stuff that will go to our 500 book

One Year Access to our website members.byebyebigbrother.com  (Value
$30 per month or $360 total). This will be a very informative website with
interesting articles, and probably a forum, where PTs can brainstorm and
commune with each other anonymously of course. Right now it is in the
"under construction" stage.

One Free short email consultation with the authors on any PT subject (Value
over $500).

Free Swiss Personal Bank and/or Brokerage Account introduction (Value $500)

Free 6 month trial subscription to The Q Private Newsletter (Value $60)

TOTAL VALUE OF FREE GOODIES:  we'll leave you to calculate what they are worth to you, but the ideas and information in this package are priceless in my opinion!

It is anticipated that the "Original 500" book owners will join with the
authors, and become something like a club. Members will exchange ideas and
do business together. The "social center" will be our website forum. The
BBBB authors, plus their wives and girlfriends are already getting together
annually in interesting locales. New members -- especially those who
contribute sensible ideas and information -- will surely be invited to make
some new friends and valuable contacts!"

How to order:

Simply click on the button on your left that says BUY BBBB NOW. Follow the instructions. You can buy from our authorized retailer 2Checkout.com by credit card, or choose one of the other payment methods available. Just remember please to add a note in the COMMENTS box (or alternatively send an email after you have placed the order) stating whether or not you would like the personalization and autograph. Remember, the personalization may add up to two weeks to delivery time.

If you are close to one of the shipping points... delivery might be free. In such cases, C.O.D. payment in cash could be another option for you. Possibly even personal delivery at a local favorite watering hole can be worked out. You may also get this kind of personal service if you live or will be traveling near one of the other authors in  Acapulco, Rio, Chiang Mai, Portofino, Monaco or ??? As PTs often travel, if interested in a personal delivery you must give us your travel plans or where you will be within the next month or two. No personal deliveries are anticipated in the colder parts of North America [i.e. Canada or the USA], however. Sorry. I don't travel to North America any more.

As you have surmised by now, Bye Bye Big Brother is not a mass market product.

Rather than burdening you now with much more material than you have time [or inclination] to read, I will sign off now, noting that we have a a detailed chapter outline which you can download for free in pdf format (click on FREE DOWNLOADS on the left). You can read it now if you like, but I recommend you wait and be pleasantly surprised. After all, if you don't like the book, you can return it and get a "no questions asked" refund.

One of my favorite chapters, not by me, is all about using e-mail & the web with perfect safety, privacy and of course encryption. If you have a free mail vault email account for sensitive communications and are using the nominal cost metropipe tunneler software for your surfing, you are already on the right path. But there is more to it than that: The short chapter on computer protection and privacy alone was worth well over $500 to me. There is also abundant material updating the old "3 Flags" of legal residence, second passport, and where you make money to "6 Flags" adding playgrounds, tax havens, the internet, and more . . .

Well, I'll sign off now. I'm looking forward to your order and probably meeting you personally one of these days!

Regards, "Grandpa"



© 2006 Bye Bye Big Brother