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Are there any special considerations in divorce cases?

Yes. The golden rule and the way to keep things simple is: donít tell your spouse where the money is! The vast majority of marriages end in divorce these days. Even if you are deeply in love today, you could be just another divorce statistic tomorrow. We say, be generous to your spouse and kids. Give them what they deserve for a comfortable lifestyle. But you donít need to expose yourself to the risk of ridiculous and unreasonable judgements.

Even the most sophisticated asset protection strategies will come under pressure if your spouse knows about them. A judge can just throw you in jail for contempt of court if you refuse to cough up the cash. This happened to Grandpa once. After that, he embarked on years of research and writing to protect his clients from similar humiliations.

While things are good, thereís nothing illegal or immoral about building up savings offshore. Avoid the paper trail by using cash, precious stones, rare coins or digital currencies. Then donít tell your wife!

How to protect your assets in case of divorce is covered in detail throughout Volume 2 of Bye Bye Big Brother. We even tell you how to obtain your own offshore divorce settlement on your own terms in Haiti or the Dominican Republic like Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, and how to make it legally valid in the country you live in. (See Chapter 71: "Problem Terminated: Instant Offshore Divorces")



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