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How can I move my money without raising suspicions?

Everybody’s situation is different. For a start, it depends if your money is onshore, tax paid or if you and your assets are already offshore and you are simply looking to take advantage of new opportunities.

Chapters 48 through 58 of Bye Bye Big Brother will give you some detailed answers to this question. See for example Chapter 56, "Moving Wealth Across Borders." The section on banking will also give you the lowdown on non-cash stores of portable wealth such as anonymous safe deposit boxes, gold, fine art, rare coins, diamonds, prepaid debit cards and internet-based digital currencies.

Other good ways of moving money include real estate investments, which can actually make your money grow at the same time as obscuring the trail. Chapter 76, entitled "A Tale of Summer Palaces, Yachts and Cruise Boats" gives you the lowdown on investing in your own tax haven property.

And if you need to access your offshore nestegg at any time, we explain the benefits of offshore passthrough accounts and anonymous numbered debit cards which give you access to your funds in seconds, in complete secrecy, anywhere in the world. We will also tell you how to open such accounts. And you will learn how to obtain such debit cards, despite the fact that no bank in the world will publicly admit they exist!



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