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I like the idea of securing my assets offshore, but how do I do it?

The general PT asset protection principle differs radically from what your domestic lawyer or financial adviser would recommend. We donít recommend expensive trusts, retirement plans, living wills or anything of that type. They are all designed to generate fees for accountants, banksters and lawyers, but when it comes to the crunch if the government, your ex-spouse or even an ex-employee has a judgement against you Ė they donít work.

The PT approach is much simpler. We say "Get your money out of the country, before Your Country gets your money out of you!". By keeping your money well hidden in a different jurisdiction(s) you will frustrate most threats to the point where it wonít be economically worthwhile going after you. Contingency fee lawyers wonít take on cases where assets are outside their jurisdiction. Governments and tax departments canít go after you, because almost no country will enforce anotherís tax debt (tax cases are civil matters, so criminal co-operation treaties do not apply). Opportunistic kidnappers wonít molest your family because they wonít see easily accessible cash.

Of course, itís not as simple as putting all your assets into a suitcase and getting on a plane, nor even wiring your money out of the country in one shot. There are ways and means of staying within the law. If you do it wrong, you could be guilty of fraud and money laundering. And there are other golden rules you must follow to avoid drawing attention to your hidden assets.

Much of Volume 2 of Bye Bye Big Brother (total over 400 information-packed pages) covers the facts and details of this basic PT asset protection strategy. You will learn how to move money and other assets while staying below the radar, and how to keep your stash safe from all threats. You will learn the unspoken doís and doníts of offshore finance.

And also very importantly, Volume 2 will show how you can not just protect your money but also make it grow, by taking advantage of secure, low risk, high reward offshore investments that are not accessible to ordinary citizens. Just one of these tips could earn or save you many times the cost of your original investment in Bye Bye Big Brother.



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