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Iím a medical professional. What can Bye Bye Big Brother offer me?

Doctors, dentists, chiropractors etc make up a substantial part of our client base. Indeed, we know and recommend offshore consultants who deal exclusively with these professions. Thatís because these poor people are in a group which is being attacked by Big Brother and the system on numerous fronts.

Tax departments often come down hard on medical professionals who deal directly with the public, since they often receive a substantial part of their incomes in cash. Then, there is the fine line to be drawn when prescribing drugs. And many doctors become unwitting participants in insurance fraud and find themselves the subject of criminal charges. Just defending a criminal case can destroy a career, even if you are ultimately cleared.

Probably the worst problem, though, is the cost of malpractice insurance. There are PT ways and means to reduce this. Many lawsuits can be nipped in the bud by simply not having visible assets in your home country. But there are also many more sophisticated PT asset protection strategies outlined in Bye Bye Big Brother which are especially applicable to the medical profession.

Medics, like everybody else, should "Be Prepared." Have a little something offshore for your retirement, or a nice new life ready to move into in another country if things become tough at home. All three volumes of Bye Bye Big Brother will be very relevant to you. Read it. If you donít agree, just return the books for a full refund and you can still keep the other freebies.

Of course, buying the books should normally classify as a tax deductible business expense.



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