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Is my money safe offshore?

Just like at home, there are scams and rip-offs in other countries too. Maybe more. Either way, by doing business in a country you are less familiar with, you will be more exposed. You wonít be protected by government-backed investor protection schemes. So, offshore investing is not for everybody.

There are good offshore professional money managers out there who will take care of your money and make it grow. Nevertheless, our advice is: donít invest offshore if you are not prepared to educate yourself a little first. Even if you employ a professional to manage your money for you, you have to make sure you know and understand what heís doing with your money.

There are some ground rules you must follow. The most important one is "if it seems too good to be true, it is!" You will learn more of them in Volume 2 of Bye Bye Big Brother. If you follow these rules, then your money will be safe offshore. Probably much safer than it would be in your home country, where itís up for grabs at any time by a greedy tax collector, vengeful ex-spouse or imaginative plaintiff.

Of course, there are many upsides to offshore investing too. Itís tax free, which means your money grows much faster. Instead of up to 50% of your income being taken out to pay taxes, that money can be reinvested, added to principal and kept working for you.

And, expenses are generally much lower offshore. You donít have government agencies looking over your shoulder all the time telling you how to run your business. Record keeping and accounting can be simplified to the point where you donít even need to pay an accountant.

There are so many advantages to being a PT. Bottom line? If you follow basic rules and use common sense, your money will be much safer and will grow much faster offshore than it would be if you left it in your home country. Bye Bye Big Brother will show you how.



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