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Is offshore asset protection legal?

We recommend you keep everything legal. Itís basic common sense. Assuming you are living in a civilized country with no exchange controls, then moving and hiding your money in another country is your right.

The one major exception is if you do it to defraud creditors. That means if you lose a lawsuit, or your ex-wife obtains judgement against you, and you decide to hide your money after that fact, you would probably be guilty of a crime. Thatís why we cannot stress enough that you should "Be Prepared" like a boy scout. Donít wait until itís too late!

Some things we recommend may be illegal in countries such as the USA, where everything is regulated in the name of "investor protection." The solution to that is to move out of the USA, to a place where what you want to do is legal.

Many foreign banks and trust companies will not accept clients from countries that restrict offshore investment, such as the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. But there are numerous completely legal ways to neutralize such restrictions, basically by making your investment through a foreign entity such as a tax-haven corporation. Bye Bye Big Brother will show you the path to follow.



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