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Can I get a second passport without leaving my home country?

Yes, absolutely. Itís a smart thing to do. Just like an insurance policy or a spare tyre, a second passport is a good thing to have even though you hope you will never have to use it.

Who knows when disaster might strike? Who knows what form it might take? Who knows when you and your family might be required to make a fast exit? Only one thing is for sure. If you wait for disaster to strike first, obtaining a second passport will be like buying insurance after the event Ė it might be possible, but it will be fraudulent, illegal and extremely expensive.

Why take risks? If you have time, you can go through a "passport by residence" program which might take two to five years. You might need to travel a few times, but you certainly wonít need to leave your home base for good. You will have time to obtain all the necessary documents, and to dot the iís and cross the tís so that your second passport is 100% legal. It can never be revoked. You will have a host of backup documents like national ID cards and drivers licenses. And this way of doing it is much cheaper than going for one of the few remaining "instant" passport programs.

All the information you need to get started on these first class "passport by residence" programs can be found in Volume 3 of Bye Bye Big Brother.



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