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How YOU Can Say Bye Bye Big Brother –
> and Hello to a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Life!

For the past five years, a highly unusual and clandestine group of some of the world’s finest financial and legal brains have been collaborating on a major new project.

This project is going to make them – together with a small, select group of like-minded individuals who understand their vision – a great deal wealthier.

The team includes elite lawyers and chartered accountants, taxation and asset protection experts, top financial gurus, civil rights activists, and several self-made multi-millionaires.

The motto they chose to work under? "Bye Bye Big Brother."

The goal? To help like-minded business and professional people find a new, unorthodox path away from socialistic, suffocating Big Brother controls – to a richer, more fulfilling life as part of the international jetset.

And the plan to achieve this elusive goal? A comprehensive, totally legal strategy, to enable any person of intelligence to instantly enjoy a life free of most taxes, litigation, kidnappers, con-men, bureaucrats, alimony-drones, and similar problems of the rich.

Themes investigated included how to find and enjoy the world’s finest “playgrounds”, tax havens, the best places to invest, and the most profitable areas to do business. Confidential, reliable banking relationships were shared. So was sensitive information on the little known tax and asset protection benefits that second passports can bring. Everyone agreed that a coherent, long term strategy for dealing with government regulators, legal systems and tax authorities (“Big Brother” for short) was one of the most important issues to be solved. And they did solve it!

By eliminating the usual obstacles at a stroke, the Bye Bye Big Brother masterplan frees up the time and capital needed to enjoy life to the full. Anyone who follows this advice can reap the rewards of their inheritances or hard work, and move up to the highest international levels in their fields.

This can only be done with very special knowledge and power – the power to say Bye Bye Big Brother.

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