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How YOU can learn from Real-Life Offshore Case Studies

Instead of the €10,000 we originally valued the complete set of reports at (100 consultations plus extras), we decided to make the price accessible to the any moderately successful, middle class business or professional person!

To do this, we decided to bind them together into a luxury book format. So we turned over all these exclusive reports to a new editor-in-chief. He’s a lively old raconteur and writer who believes passionately in freedom, privacy and the right of the individual to do what he pleases with his hard-earned money.

Our editor, who prefers to be known only as “Grandpa”, has been living as an international man for over sixty years. He speaks several languages, has practised tax and immigration law, and has vast experience in coping with bureaucracy in more than twenty-two countries, including the USA, UK and Switzerland.

Grandpa’s job was to edit all reports, fit them together in a logical and comprehensible order, and make them easy for the layman to read. He excelled at this task, and the first three hardback, high-quality bound volumes are now available for shipping. Around 850 pages of exclusive and powerful information!

Bye Bye Big Brother is nothing like any accounting or legal textbook (although most lawyers and CPAs could learn a lot from it). It’s certainly not even a book in the normal sense of the word. Each report has been integrated as a chapter (96 of them in total).

Bye Bye Big Brother is written in Grandpa’s inimitable ‘parable style’ and packed with real-life offshore case studies.

You will learn how certain celebrities could have easily avoided their problems by following the advice in BBBB. You will learn from the mistakes of high profile figures such as Marc Rich, Martha Stewart and Marc Harris. You will learn even more from the cases that were NOT in the media – cases you would never otherwise hear about because they did everything right! That’s the kind of exclusive information you will find in Bye Bye Big Brother.

Because it is prepared by the very advisors who normally work on retainers for such people. During this project the BBBB team have uncovered and will reveal secrets they would never dare to reveal if they were based in a Big Brother “democracy”. In their home countries they would risk losing their professional licences, being harrassed, or even arrested.

Bye Bye Big Brother isn’t only about protecting what you’ve got. It’s also about your future and that of your loved ones. Growing your investments or business, for example. Keeping your life free from government interference and confiscatory taxation.

Did you know that foreign banks are banned from advertising higher interest rates or superior financial products in countries including the USA, UK, Germany and Australia? Bye Bye Big Brother could help you legally access secure offshore investments or high yield hedge funds from large international banks. A foreign account could help you invest legally and tax-free for offshore capital gains, for example.

Bye Bye Big Brother will even show you how to set up a completely new enterprise on the internet, roaming the globe electronically and raking in profits 24/7 completely anonymously, offshore and tax-free.

So, let’s get down to the bottom line. How much will it cost? How much is your freedom worth to you?

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