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Revealing the Offshore Asset Protection and
> Privacy Secrets of the Super Rich!

Here’s how it works. Every day you read in newspapers and magazines about super successful people or companies using these techniques. They do not spell out exactly how to do it, but the secret is simply internationalizing your affairs. Never leave any single government with complete control over your ass and your assets!

The beauty of the plan is that it requires virtually no investment. No high priced lawyers or accountants. Only the motivation and knowledge that you will gain from Bye Bye Big Brother. Your local lawyer or tax planner hasn’t a clue on how to accomplish this. Moreover, even if he did know how to do it, he would be forbidden to tell you. 

But in reality, international diversification has never been easier. You can send an e-mail to a business associate in the next office, or around the world. Indeed, a one-man company can become a multi-national just by thinking internationally.

Since its inception, the BBBB team worked hard to create and commission a unique series of nearly one hundred special reports. These covered legal offshore financial, privacy and asset protection strategies, tax-free residencies, second passports and citizenships, and many associated lifestyle and investment issues.

Every one of these reports was based upon a costly consulting session with a top expert in the field. Much of the information was originally written up at the request of private consulting clients who paid many thousands of euros for the information. 

Originally, the team planned to set up their own consulting website to sell each of the 100 or so reports separately, at a cost of €100 each.

But, problems and opportunities are related. The solutions recommended in the reports are really part of a bigger picture. Together, these reports form a complete and coherent plan for solving all your problems and opening up immense new opportunities.

We really want you to read all the reports. If you read one report and not another, you might not connect the dots correctly. You would only have part of the picture.

So we decided instead to sell all the ninety-odd reports in one set, even though it meant accepting a substantial cut in the final price for this information.

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