In the beginning were 'The Black Books' - the nickname for the first and only edition of the original Bye Bye Big Brother published by Global Liberty Publishing in 2006. That's where it all started.

Bye Bye Big Brother was one of a kind, something that will likely never be repeated. Three luxury leatherette-bound volumes, over 800 pages, in an engraved black presentation box, discreetly marked only with the initials 'BBBB.' It was a privately-published edition specially for diehard PTs, avid consumers of PT material, most of whom had been following the likes of W.G. Hill for years. The original price of the reports was set at one-and-a-half troy ounces of gold, payable online or for the equivalent in US dollars or euro. Under one thousand copies were ever printed, each one personally numbered, autographed and inscribed by Grandpa.

The Black Books were published for friends and associates of the author, and were offered to readers of the Harry Schultz International Letter and The Q Wealth Report. They were intended to be a post 9/11 version of the old Scope PT books.

The Black Books caused quite a stir when originally published. US Customs called a shipment of them transiting the USA 'subversive material.' The information in BBBB was really too hot to be sold to the public. An abridged and slightly less controversial version is currently available from Vera Verba Publishing. You will also find some of the original BBBB material in The Second Passport Report, which is based on volume three of the original black books, now available in a convenient e-book format for a fraction of the original price.

The Black Books also launched the Six Flags Theory, by adding the sixth flag of cyberspace to the previous 'Five Flags Theory' espoused in the old PT books.

Some people ask us from time to time if any copies of Bye Bye Big Brother (the original Black Books) are still available. We don't have any more to sell, but it is our understanding that a few copies remain in the hands of Grandpa himself and one or two resellers. If you really, really want a copy, please join as a member first then contact us through the Members' Section, and you might be lucky. But no guarantees. Maybe if there is a big enough demand one day, we could be persuaded to do a second edition - but this would certainly be restricted to Members Only, not for public consumption.

Meanwhile, if you want to know the most up-to-date practical how-to information on PTing and living free, we offer you instant download access to The Second Passport Report and The Invisible Investor. Enjoy!