Our editor-in-chief, who prefers to be known only as "Grandpa", has been living as an offshore international man for over fifty years. He's a lively old raconteur and writer who believes passionately in freedom, privacy and the right of the individual to do what he darn well pleases with his hard-earned money.

Grandpa speaks several languages, has practised tax and immigration law, and has vast experience in coping with bureaucracy in more than twenty-two countries, including the USA, UK and Switzerland. Since the original Bye Bye Big Brother reports (The Black Books) were published in 2006, he has been acknowledged as a leading expert on second passports and citizenships, international private banking and alternative asset protection.

All reports in the Bye Bye Big Brother series are written in Grandpa's inimitable 'parable style' and packed with many real-life onshore and offshore case studies. To prevent the boredom that might come from a legal text, the material is not presented as boring lists or "rules" but rather as very interesting tales about real people. Case studies - just like at Harvard!

Why, though, does Grandpa remain anonymous? There's a simple answer: because he follows his own advice. Grandpa and the BBBB team have uncovered and frequently reveal stuff they can talk about only anonymously. In their home countries they might be harassed, charged with conspiracy, or even face jail time.

The Bye Bye Big Brother series also has lots of contributors and co-authors. Some are top offshore lawyers and private bankers. One is a diplomat, one of the original contributors to Le Livre du Corps Diplomatique - a guide (published in English) available to BBBB Members explaining the world of diplomatic appointments and honorary consulships. If you knew 'real' names, you might well have read about them. Some are "controversial" figures. All authors contributed on condition of anonymity. If you contact them personally by email and meet them socially, you may actually even get involved in international deals and get to know a few.

Grandpa follows in the tradition of predecessor PT writers he knew and worked with - like the legendary Dr W.G. Hill (Scope International) and Harry Browne (How to Find Freedom in an Unfree World). He still offers personal consulting services to those who have read his most recent book Bye Bye Big Brother. Although Grandpa is semi-retired in Monte Carlo, Monaco and enjoying the PT Life, he will take on a very few new personal consulting clients. Grandpa is among other things, both a lawyer and a Wharton grad with 50 years of PT experience.

Grandpa can be contacted via the publishers.