"How to Be Happy, Healthy, Sexy and Wealthy!"

Quite simply, Bye Bye Big Brother (BBBB for short) is the name we give to a comprehensive, totally legal strategy, to enable any person of intelligence to instantly create an alternative or 'parallel' universe and new options to enjoy life. To create the freedom to kiss legal and personal problems goodbye. More money! Less taxes! No more confrontations! Bye Bye litigation! And so long to kidnappers, con men, bureaucrats, alimony-drones, false criminal charges and other scourges. Bye Bye Big Brother is a thoroughly modern strategy to gain a prosperous, happy life free of all such problems!

Bye Bye Big Brother isn't only about protecting what you've got. It's also about improving your future and that of your loved ones. Avoiding confrontations! Growing your investments or business, for example. Keeping your life free from government interference, lawsuits, devaluations and confiscatory taxation, so that instead you choose what to do and with whom to spend your time.

Bye Bye Big Brother is not about tax evasion or any illegal tricks. On the contrary. We want to stay on the straight and narrow. No crazy schemes. In those areas where it might be easy (or at least tempting) to cross the line into what Big Brother may later define as "criminal" we try to shine a big red light. We illuminate the dividing line between what is legal and what could be dangerous. The authors include noted tax lawyers and CPAs who think out of the box, and have an international PT outlook.

BBBB is all about keeping well within the law by doing things where they are legal. A PT will always find a way to keep himself and/or his business in a place where his preferred business or pastime is legal. With so many countries in the world and so many different cultures and legal systems, there is just no need to break the law. Smoking pot or engaging in oral sex are illegal in many countries, but there are plenty of places where they are legal and tolerated.

BBBB will even illustrate how some of our readers and authors have set up profitable new enterprises on the internet. They roam the globe electronically and rake in profits 24/7 completely anonymously, offshore and tax-free. Bye Bye Big Brother will teach you to think as an international dealmaker.

The basis of the BBBB is the PT Six Flags Theory. This explains how to internationalize your affairs so that you become a sovereign individual, no longer the property of one government. PTs view governments a service providers or innkeepers - if you feel the services you are getting from one government are not up to scratch, you simply take your business elsewhere by rearranging a little paperwork.

PTs usually do need a certain helping hand along the way. That is what we specialize in with the Bye Bye Big Brother series of reports (Invisble Investor and The Second Passport Report) and with the not-to-be-missed regular updates in Grandpa's Missives. We are here to provide the information you need to be Happy, Healthy, Sexy and Wealthy!