Many people believe that they will be attacked by bandits or laid low by mysterious oriental viruses if they leave their precious (some even go so far as to call it 'sacred') home country.

The truth is this: Go abroad. Rent an apartment in one of my recommended PT hangouts (or any major European city) for 6 months. Something wonderful will happen. You will gain new confidence and self esteem. You'll discover a whole new world! More economic opportunities and more interesting companions will come your way than you would ever find at home. As you see opportunities you can set up international business deals, taking a profit simply for putting people in touch. Other people do the hard work, while you use your intelligence.

As Ernest Hemingway said (to paraphrase): On every corner and at every cafe table in Paris, there were extraordinary people living wonderful lives and telling me fantastic stories. It was truly a moveable feast.

You'll find that there are many Portable Trades you can take up anywhere in the world. Portable Trades for PTs are a frequent topic in Grandpa's Missives. Grandpa is here to help you. One of these portable jobs is writing. Hemingway wrote his best-selling novels at sidewalk cafes in Spain, France and Italy. You can do that - or with a lot less talent, create a highly profitable 'e-zine.'

What's that? An online newsletter of topical interest. Do you like doing research on wine, beer or baby carriages? People have made small fortunes simply by writing a weekly article (for online distribution) on these and myriads of other mundane topics. Once you have around 20,000 readers, you have a valuable subscriber base of customers for related goods and services. When you tire of working or writing, newsletters or websites that you started from scratch, they can be sold for very serious money.

PTs avoid a dull, dead-end life as a wage-slave. They replace it with an exciting, prosperous international lifestyle. PTs earn more money where incomes are high, and spend it in cheaper places where everything costs a fraction of prices 'back home.' Taxes are usually nil.

And we have not even mentioned the obvious fact that many pleasing young marriage partners or companions can be found more easily in the third world.


Grandpa says: "PT is a way of life, a philosophy. You don't need any assets to be a PT. But as a goal, a million dollars is just fine. Our average client probably has a net worth above a million." A million dollars is probably about the minimum you need to support yourself comfortably without working for the rest of your life.

But we also know many PTs who have started out with less than nothing. They have found themselves deep in debt after unfortunate events in their lives, and PT has been a way out. Free of bureaucratic restrictions, they have grown and prospered while living the PT lifestyle in inexpensive countries.

Bottom line? You don't need any money to be a PT. But you do need initiative. You need to get up and do something. PT was conceived by and for millionaires. If are in or would like to be in that category, jump on board and say Bye Bye Big Brother. You can start today with a month's free trial subscription to Grandpa's Missives.


A basic PT tool is figuring out how your skills or talent can be adapted to fill local needs. 'Find (or create) a need and fill it!' That is the PT moneymaking credo.

Just because you were born somewhere doesn't make it the best place on earth. Most people are so provincial that they think their home town is the center of the universe! Excessive familiarity with surroundings kills your spirit and breeds laziness of mind. Worst of all, you can't realize your own potential.

If you remain among school friends and family they continue to treat you as they did when you were a child. They remind you of your obligations, limitations and 'proper place.' They discourage you from taking any risks and mold your life into conventional, parochial, predictable patterns. The only thing you will experience as a stay-at-home is growing older as your friends grow older and die off. PTs can feel sorry for the 95 per cent of the world's population who never know anything but the immediate vicinity of their birthplace.

PTs are not under anyone's thumb. The excitement of discovering new places on your own, and trying out many interesting business ventures - always making a good living by buying and selling things (or trading investments or services) will keep you young, alert and intellectually vigorous!


What are your goals? To be your own boss? That is a good goal. Abroad, you will be more stimulated, safer, and more anonymous. As a Perpetual Tourist you don't worry about relatives or old friends coming to you for handouts. There are no neighbors nor other people suing you, or sticking their nose into your business. PTs have a 'floating' home. Not a boat, but rather a state of mind that allow us to be modern-day nomads... to lift anchor if the harbour becomes too rough or the local weather is no longer suitable for clear sailing.

As a PT you are under no one's thumb. Only you are in charge. PT is the way to assert your freedom. PT is truly "How to Find Freedom in an Unfree World."