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November 6, 2020

I went to a classy, private, prep-school 70 years ago where many kids were heirs-to-be from filthy rich families. In those days, mere millionaires were considered “filthy rich” (an American Expression!). Those who put their million or multi-million dollar/pound inheritances into passive investments, or let them be run by family office outfits like Coutts in UK or Bessemer, are broke today. Trust Companies put them into "safe, stress free” net leases and bonds. Famous investors: Soros, Buffet, and long before them, Bernard Baruch, made serious money speculating on stocks, currencies, gold, etc., *but they were anything but passive.* They did a lot of work, looking for underpriced stuff....

October 29, 2020

The “packed suitcase” I wrote about in “P.T.” and all subsequent books is more of a mental state than specific instructions on what to pack in an actual suitcase... In this new, never-before-published missive: *BASIC PREPARATIONS FOR RELOCATING.*

October 20, 2020

The majority of people with money use inflation-adjusted performance measures to assess their investment returns. How does this pan out for PT investors in the current climate? Official inflation rates, such as consumer price indexes (CPIs), are not a good place to start. These measures have become political tools.... *Note: Grandpa doesn't think the end of the world is at hand. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for all eventualities. *

October 11, 2020

Grandpa was asked if it's true that there is no bank secrecy left in Switzerland. Here is his reply.

October 11, 2020

Grandpa says: That depends on where you want to send the money.... also learn in this article what NOT to do when you try to find a hawala banker, and how to avoid being scammed. Plus, how Chinese banks may be much cheaper than Hawala...

September 27, 2020

Lawyer to Grandpa: We don’t believe anyone has ever paid it. But if there are any such cases, the payers were very poorly advised.... We predict the next phase with great confidence. In the future, this tax will get higher and higher until it reaches 100%. It will be enforced by strict currency controls that make the export of any funds or assets a capital crime.

September 22, 2020

A special treat for members: A sneak preview of a true story chapter from Grandpa's next book... THE IRS PUT ME IN JAIL FOR LIFE, WITHOUT CRIMINAL CHARGES. “by J. McNulty” Decades ago, I was a retired Irishman living in San Francisco. I didn’t intend to stay there - was just visiting. While there, I had what most people would regard as a terrific piece of luck. I won the Irish Sweepstakes Lottery. How could this turn out to be the most unlucky day of my life? ... “The purpose of a civil contempt order is to get a reluctant defendant to do what the court has ordered."

September 18, 2020

My best friend spent $100,000 +, on a shrink for years of therapy. When I asked him what he got for his money he told me this...

September 9, 2020

Singapore wants new citizens if they are educated, productive and without a criminal record under its investment program that works almost like economic citizenship... An enterprising, self reliant guy who actually goes there, with just a little help (or a lot of trial and error) may get res or citizenship on his own. If you are not in a hurry and have the time, "do it yourself" is viable there. But even in Singapore, The "official rules" you may read are often different from the real way things get done.

September 5, 2020

"Big Brother has so much information now, that they can never hope to process or review it all" True or False??? They have a mountain of info and leads - when they put them all together, it is could be the final curtain for someone.... All this information in the hands of BB is a great danger to anyone who writes a letter to the editor, complains about any government agency, or is deemed a troublemaker like a tea party leader. IMO, a low profile, and using a lot of pen names for every activity may compartmentalize your activities and the records of them so that when some bureaucrat presses the button on your real name and birthdate he gets very little -- or nothing.

August 30, 2020

Survival in Crisis- Failure to balance threats to freedom vs. possessions/relationships is fatal. How about using a stash of (now) easily obtainable Austrian silver coins for survival? Grandpa says: I have never been a believer in expecting to live the good life in chaos--just because I am well stocked with silver & gold coins! When everyone around me is starving or rioting, it isn't in the cards that anyone will continue to live in a nice self-sufficient solar-powered house...

August 26, 2020

No guarantees, but it worked OK for me....

August 20, 2020

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Form 1099s will become a means of reporting to the Internal Revenue Service the purchases of all goods and services by small businesses and self-employed people that exceed $600 during a calendar year. Precious metals such as coins and bullion fall into this category and coin dealers have been among those most rankled by the change*. All About Gold & Gold Coins & Government Confiscations... Grandpa says: I too think gold as quoted in dollars will at least double in the next few years -- but not because of any new or unusual demand for gold. Gold (silver, oil and most commodities) are denominated in a now-fickle currency called the US$, that is poised to head far South. Thus it is fast becoming irrelevant exactly how many $??? a troy oz of Au is worth, or how high or low it will rise or fall - when the very yardstick itself is about to melt. What should *you* "invest" in? Not in private, unregulated gold banks that are all basically as safe as a leaky sugar-cane raft in a typhoon...

August 14, 2020

Does a USA citizen who acquires a second passport and takes an oath of allegiance to his new country lose USA citizenship? The short answer is no. But in this Missive, Grandpa looks at certificates of loss of nationality. Also: For Grandpa’s private clients only, there may be a few other options possible if an individual A) Wants to be a citizen for some purposes, and not for others or B) Wants to regain renounced or relinquished citizenship. C) Wants to renounce “instantly” without the normal wait...

August 9, 2020

Vanuatu Residencies are still offered for $25K in a scheme that was first exposed a dozen years ago. With promise of citizenship and passport in ten years whether physically resident or not! How All buyers lost their “investments” & got nothing...

August 4, 2020

We recently got two e-mails from that each in their own way, said something like this: (paraphrased) “We don’t need any PT 6 Flags because the Lord will protect us.” The concept is called, Faith vs Fear. And it’s alive and working well...

August 1, 2020

A reader asks: Hi Grandpa, I'm interested in following up on your goose liver pate restaurant contact. Would you be interested in an ongoing commission in exchange for some light guidance? In this Gem, Grandpa explains his thoughts and offers to meet readers looking for guidance if they can get to the Como or Lugano areas of Switzerland this month...

July 28, 2020

The new US Foreign Financial Assets Report for 2010 - a special alert for Grandpa's clients, past and present. Moving yourself and your assets abroad (while you still can) is in my view, a no brainer (says Grandpa). Of course a 2nd Passport is essential! The USA has been adopting all of the same financially restricting laws & rules used by Nazi Germany to control German Citizens from 1935 to 1945. Every American is to be treated (in financial matters) like a German Jew before the “Final Solution” was implemented. At first it was heavy fines and jail —later it was the death penalty for any German with assets abroad. While we don’t predict death penalties in America, long jail sentences for old codgers like us amount to the same thing, don’t they? The next Big Brother law will (predictably) be to require advance permission for individuals or their assets to leave the country.

July 16, 2020

If you’re currently an American citizen and you hope to do business, move or retire overseas, the US will still ‘own’ you when you go. They will tax you & charge you as a criminal if you don’t pay. You will need to file all kinds of activity and financial reports several times a year-- no matter where in the world you’re living. Then too, there’s a big and painful exit tax on Americans who want to break their ties with their “Big Brotherland.” While Americans and perhaps Nordics and Germans are the only ones so harshly affected by the taxation issue, there are other would-be international citizens from assorted despotisms and economic basket case countries like those in the former Soviet Union who will benefit substantially from the acquisition of a second passport. “Grandpa says,” People from countries other than the USA should, IMO also have a 2nd passport as “life insurance” if they can afford it. Why? Because the future is never crystal clear...

July 10, 2020

Grandpa answers this question: Just emerged from a lawsuit causing my bankruptcy. Net worth now a measly $10,000. Had we known the BBBB stuff at the beginning we would have been much better prepared for such an attack but ‘wudda and shudda’ are water under the bridge. Can I be a low-budget PT?

July 5, 2020

Be very wary of companies offering diplomatic passports. Diplomatic passports are worthless for travel – requiring official approval and visas involving both sending and receiving countries’ governments. Specific information must be provided well in advance-- like the official reason for the trip etc. No government wants phony diplomats causing trouble. None except perhaps failed African countries will ladle out their diplomatic passports for a rather insignificant compensation? I (Grandpa) used to be a “real” diplomat...

July 1, 2020

Yesterday I took my 18 year old kid out for a gourmet dinner in a restaurant near Como, Italy. It was an exceptionally elegant, very expensive place. But what the heck, this was a special occasion – to celebrate his admission to Law School...

June 27, 2020

In most business deals, and in every real estate deal, you must have a written contract. Most laymen have no idea what has to be in a contract to make it valid and enforceable. A lawyer can take fifty or a hundred pages to draw up a contract you can do in one page. When you go beyond the essentials, it is usually a lawyer trying to justify his fee by anticipating possible but unlikely contingencies. As a result they either need to hire a lawyer to write up a deal or else, they type out a do it yourself document that is probably not worth the paper it is written on....

June 21, 2020

Dateline: Lucerne, Switzerland, 21 June 2020. Someone who didn't make it as a PT... and Grandpa's Memories of Philadelphia and Wharton days. And the story of an American who PT'd for a few years, then decided to go back. PT is not a one way street or an obligation. PT is about being free.

June 18, 2020

Learn why Grandpa dislikes the nationality and citizenship laws of these two countries

June 13, 2020

This PT author, nearly 90 years old, has been in the Guinness Book of Records for fifty years as the world’s highest paid financial consultant. He is also the founder and owner of the World’s oldest newsletter...

June 9, 2020

You think the USA and UK are bad in terms of privacy? We just learned that anyone can go to the Norwegian tax website and look up almost any Norwegian or foreign person with a Norwegian investment, bank account, or other income, year by year. You can view their (known or reported) income and how much tax they paid! The main reason for the site is apparently to give neighbors, friends and employees an opportunity to “earn” a reward by snitching... What do you think? Will such a system soon be imposed in the U.S.?

May 16, 2020

New Zealand's recently unveiled “temporary retirement immigration category” looks pretty good at first glance BUT... Read Grandpa's comments based on his personal experience of life down under. "New Zealand is not a bad option if you want a kind of boring life and are UNDER 45.... It’s Canadian Pacific Northwest climate with a lot of sheep.They are looking for a few stupid rich sheep to shear."

May 9, 2020

Commenting on the last entry, a reader says: Your comment on Mexico is GREAT. He should absolutely NOT try fancy PT s*** like IBC’s and offshore accounts. He should ESPECIALLY not waste $2000 on learning to “trade”. He needs to find some good internet or other income generating ideas just like you suggested OR find some interesting portable trade he can take to Mexico.

May 4, 2020

Here’s my story. Just emerged from a lawsuit causing my bankruptcy. Net worth now a measly $10,000. Had we known the BBBB stuff at the beginning we would have been much better prepared for such an attack but ‘wudda & shudda’ are water under the bridge. Now I am relatively broke, but single and free of any dependants. I am 40 years old.

April 28, 2020

As a foreigner wishing to obtain citizenship in the Kingdom of Belgium, you will first need to be at least 18 years of age by the time that you make your application for citizenship. Also, you must have made YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE WITHIN THE BORDERS OF BELGIUM FOR THE PREVIOUS 3 YEARS BEFORE your application is submitted. You will also need to show that you have sufficient ties to the country. This means that you will need to show that you have attachments to the country, such as a job, friends and family, investments and debts. Debts seem to earn you the most points as they are viewed as the strongest attachment....

April 24, 2020

A friend we shall call “Lucky” told me this story. He was on a cruise boat. For those who have done cruises, you know that you are typically assigned to a table with half a dozen strangers. You dine with them for the duration of the cruise. If you find the company inappropriate, you can ask to be assigned to a different location...

February 23, 2020

My latest scribble about trusts for consulting clients- any comments, corrections, critique? Grandpa says: Keep it simple, Keep it Legal, to Keep your ass and your assets safe! Trusts can be useful in some rare cases. Often there are better and cheaper ways to accomplish your objectives.

February 14, 2020

Uruguay is not one of the countries that give away “instant” passports, but it is a very attractive destination for Europeans and Americans looking to retire or move abroad permanently. Getting a Uruguayan passport will take anything from 3-5 years after achieving legal residence, depending on whether or not you have family in Uruguay.... there's also a Fast Track Option, but that does have a major disadvantage...

February 9, 2020

First off, big corporations understand that they can’t trust any one country, bank or set of laws. They know enough not to depend on promises of “secrecy” from any one government. They set up subsidiaries and licenses in multiple jurisdictions...

February 5, 2020

Just in case you didn't see this... they expect a similar deal with the USA. Some U.K. citizens could get a windfall from the U.K.'s efforts to retrieve unpaid taxes from banks in Liechtenstein. Max Hohenberg, a spokesman for the Liechtenstein government, said "Yes, clients in Liechtenstein get a preferential treatment -- but this is a pragmatic compromise -- it is about what works."

February 1, 2020

If someone is naturalized in a Latin American country, can that person’s nationality be taken away—for failure to reside there? It actually happened to 2 clients of mine who got Israeli passports under law of return.

January 27, 2020

How to Get an Anonymous No-Name Debit Card. This kind of card can protect your wealth, your freedom, your financial and your personal privacy. It can be an escape card -- guarding access to a small personal stash. It may even be your precious life-saving parachute from an abusive mate or partner, bill collectors or contingent fee lawyers. If these are values you hold dear, then look no further.

January 22, 2020

"I don’t try to scare people, but the USA really is almost a Police State now. It is only the foreigners/tourists [PTs] who have no investments or assets there & who can leave any time who have freedom there." One of the most popular posts ever on Grandpas Missives was about Campione, a 'secret' Italian enclave in Switzerland. Here Gramps follows up with further thoughts on the best places to live in Europe and Ways to achieve freedom without a Second Passport...

January 17, 2020

Grandpa reveals a little known tactic for cruising the world in luxury for pennies on the dollar. Could you make a cruise ship your Portable Tee-pee?

January 13, 2020

Happy 2010 from the BBBB team! Grandpa has been away on a round the world trip over the holidays. Now he is back, refreshed and invigorated with this new excellent article. Should a PT ever register as a legal resident anywhere?

December 29, 2020

WHAT HAPPENED TO MARTHA STEWART WON'T HAPPEN TO YOU; JUST HAVE THIS PAPER READY! This is a new and updated version for 2010 of the legal protection letter originally published in the BBBB Black Books...

December 17, 2020

Somebody said: I've heard a lot of rumours and hints about the coming of exchange controls for the "dollar." Is this just a come-on for a subscription to doom-preaching newsletters? It seems far-fetched to me, but if it happens Americans living overseas and still banking in the USA could be in deep doo doo... Grandpa warns: The USA is always freezing bank accounts of certain selected "suspect" groups. That country has very little respect for the private property rights of civilians, and any pimple faced new BB bureaucrat can freeze any account without so much as a court order...

December 12, 2020

We have heard [and it is more than a rumor] that American sounding customers -- especially if their passport shows a USA birthplace - who try to open or have opened Swiss or other offshore offshore accounts with non U.S.A. second passports are being questioned and disadvantaged... Also If you try to renew your US passport while abroad BB now asks "Do you have another passport?" under penalty of perjury... No answer, no passport renewal.

December 8, 2020

Reader Geoff writes: I enjoy your e-mails...but I live way out...and yes, I am anti-big government but love our country just like you. I don't have any money to hide - but would like a new social security number and would like a fresh start - do you have any writing on that? Here is Grandpa's reply...

December 3, 2020

It may seem strange to consider future tax planning and private banking issues for an unborn child. Yet, giving your kids a second nationality and passport right from the start, is one of the most beneficial things you could ever do for them—Plus, teaching them useful foreign languages before they are 12, so that they “speak without accent/like a native” will give them a huge advantage. A child born in any of these places will automatically be granted citizenship at birth and can usually get a passport immediately.... Ideally, citizenship for your next kid (or grandkid) should be from a country where they would not necessarily want to live but where it’s citizenship and passport has value for travel, banking & neutrality.

November 30, 2020

Over the years, we have been robbed maybe 6 times. Car broken into 3 times. Assaulted [mugged] once. Broken Windows and damage usually cost more to fix than what was stolen. Always a big bother to get stuff fixed & documents replaced. But not robbed nor assaulted in last dozen years. My secret? Read on...

November 24, 2020

An interesting article from another writer on the best lifestyle to extend your life... "To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living," said Henri Frederic Amiel (1821-1881)

November 20, 2020

Gramps opines on the four hour workweek! Does the recent bestseller apply PT principles?

November 16, 2020

Schemers have been going after collection outfits and law firms, posing as a potential client that wants to collect on a debt from a legitimate company. But they give a cohort's address and contact number for the company that supposedly owes them the moolah...

November 15, 2020

"Remember the shady lawyer who was arranging for me to get citizenship to the island paradise of St. Kitts? Well it turns out, on returning to St. Kitts, I was told by locals that a huge sum of money that he was holding in escrow for people who wanted to purchase land for citizenship "mysteriously disappeared."

November 12, 2020

A reader asks about the necessity for personal visits to open bank accounts in Singapore. Gramps replies that he hasn't been to Singapore for a while, but a lot of business is done in cash there and there are still great opportunities for banking. Conclusion: "Sing wont change just because uncle bignose says they should"

October 31, 2020

"Well known facts most sheeple of the world can’t grasp" I never cease to be amazed at the belief system of most inhabitants of Big Brother Land. They complain endlessly about high taxes and regulatory burdens. Yet they can’t grasp or believe in what is obvious to PTs.

October 26, 2020

Grandpa answers a personal consulting client's question about portfolio allocation, covering US bonds and European ETFs. Gramps also warns against a specific type of fund you should in general never invest in.

October 22, 2020

I befriended these top 5 guys and learned that essentially, they were selected & winnowed from millions of Africans for state funded full scholarships to this elite school in the USA. I was lucky to have befriended them because later on when I visited Africa these fellow students were all very big shots. Later on when I [recently] read the history of Goldman Sachs, I learned that these were the types of men and women GS recruited [regardless of race or religion by the way]...

October 18, 2020

Grandpa says: Yes, it is possible but I wudn't recommend it. The way Islamic law works is that if a Christian or non-Muslim infidel lives in an Islamic Republic or even a more liberal Muslim place like Turkey, Malaysia or Pakistan, and if he converts to Islam, he is entitled to apply for citizenship and a local passport.... A friend of mine married a nice Muslim girl, she told him to convert....

October 14, 2020

Grandpa says: Using a fraudulently obtained ghost or camouflage passport from anywhere to do anything is a very dumb idea and guaranteed way to lose your money & possibly your freedom. Using other secondary phony, forged or fraudulent documents “compounds” the felony & opens the client to other charges.

October 1, 2020

Playing around with jailbait is a dangerous thing in many countries. But Roman Polanski was scammed by prosecutors. He was in the Los Angeles jail for a couple months, awaiting trial. There he was offered a deal. Plead guilty and get out for time served. He takes the deal…doing what’s common in the U.S.A. -- a plea bargain. Then he is reliably informed that behind his back, the prosecutor and judge have secretly agreed to use his guilty plea to give him a sentence of 40 years. A plea bargain is not binding on the prosecution or judge –but the guilty plea is binding on the defendant. Grandpa asks: How do you think this case should be resolved? How will it be resolved?

August 31, 2020

Earlier this month, Monaco adopted new anti money laundering rules. We followed up with a friend living there to get some on the ground intelligence. Monaco's luxury stores will have to run checks on the super-rich and the famous casinos will face tougher inspections. Under the new rules, insurers, accountants, notarial firms, high-end traders and lawyers helping with property or financial transactions will all be asked to carry out checks on their clients. But our banker has always said you can take out 25,000 Euros for your pin money expenses each time you come by the bank. In MC that isn't really very much...

August 26, 2020

For whatever its worth I got this from a bank seeking my biz and thought it was interesting... From “Tax Haven” to “Wealth Haven” The following is an invented story of a client meeting taking place in October, 2010. "It is intended to illustrate the attractive business potential of an internationally recognized, tax-compliant financial center." Comments welcome... (Note: this is by an author other than Grandpa)

August 21, 2020

Nevada White was a fall-guy you will never read about. His life was destroyed by the Federal Government for a “victimless crime.” If you know and understand how it happened, you can definitely take steps we recommend so you can avoid his fate....

August 17, 2020

Even in this electronic age, for everything from offshore debit cards to buying a bus pass, you will be asked for a physical address... *What Kind of Maildrop is best for a PT?* An unregulated mail drop [where they won't insist on ID or utility bills, etc] is generally preferable to one that must keep a lot of records for the Postal Authorities and the Government. In this article, Gramps explains how to get such a maildrop...

August 13, 2020

Message from a lady reader in USA: I am curious why the site and Grandpa's Missives caters only to men looking for sex playgrounds, hot girlfriends or wives? I a single young woman of means who is equally interested in Grandpa's ideology... In this Missive, Grandpa replies "Welcome to the fold!" and why so much of his writing is just a little tongue-in-cheek...

August 9, 2020

Here is an excerpt from the oath of renunciation... "With regard to United States taxation consequences ... if renunciation of citizenship is determined by the United States Attorney General to be motivated by tax avoidance purposes, I will be found excludable from the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended." If after reading this you still want to renounce US citizenship, here's how... But Grandpa says there are better ways...

August 3, 2020

I have a friend who is a conventional, Christian, & conservative American. It's been interesting to analyse his severe disapproval of one of my associates. My friend told me that in America only the guilty ever go to jail! And he represents the majority opinion in the USA. Probably in Russia and anywhere else as well! Some of the most moral and righteous people in the world were clients and are now my best friends. It may be potentially self-destructive to befriend such people but if so, that is one of my failings as a PT. If a PT can keep out of the public eye and keep his ego in check he will avoid most pitfalls. That doesn’t mean we lose our capacity for independent thinking or helping a fellow man wronged by an unfair system.

July 29, 2020

Jail and Draconian CRIMINAL PENALTIES for “victimless crime” of not filing required reports on time. Scare tactics seems to be MAIN weapon now. Better results than the 10% reward program for turning in friends, neighbours, ex-spouses and former employers. In this article read how BB bluffs and scares... plus some SOLUTIONS FOR STRAIGHT ARROWS - who want to ensure survival by placing some assets beyond reach of contingent fee plaintiff lawyers, etc.

July 23, 2020

Some time ago, in 2007, when some people were seriously predicting that Ron Paul would be the next Pres of the USA, Gramps put in a prediction: "That an unknown Afro-American whose name was similar to that of our enemies of the day (Saddam Hussein & Osama) was IMO likely to be the next president." Then another prediction: Dubai real estate values will fall far more in the next 3 years than USA values than USA or GB values have dropped in the current crunch. Further, they stand far less of a chance of coming back to present levels in our lifetime. Now... Dateline July 2009 - More bad publicity about Dubai falling apart...

July 19, 2020

Offshore Tax Evaders Deserve No Sympathy! "What dream world does this guy live in?" asks Gramps. "Any teen-age punk kid who works for the IRS can with a simple form, sniff into or freeze and seize any USA bank account of any amount for any reason without any court orders or hearings!" "Do you know anyone with a Swiss bank account? I don’t, which is probably no surprise since the whole point is secrecy!" Of course anyone with half a brain and substantial assets might try to get some additional asset protection by keeping some of his assets parked "offshore" where they are not subject to theft and arbitrary seizure. Taxes have little to do with it!

July 17, 2020

Trusts, lawyers, accountants, and long, complex wills are all OK only if you want to donate your estate to your lawyers & trust admins, and a big % to the state… Forget trusts, etc. They will benefit the trustees. In this article Gramps informs you of several clean, smooth, secure and highly confidential ways to pass on your inheritance to the people YOU choose... without the involvement of courts and taxes! Learn how to handle property, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes and more!

July 13, 2020

Swiss banking secrecy is under serious attack right now. We wondered why most people overlook the fact that anyone can simply move to Switzerland and live virtually tax-free, legally, and have a secret account--without being subject to notoriously strict Swiss immigration controls. How? Via the Italian tax haven enclave of Campione d’Italia – a little part of Italy, misplaced by an ancient map-maker entirely inside Swiss territory! Campione has many quirks & very special tax concessions. Campione functions mostly as a part of Switzerland. Many other anomalies in Campione are explained by Grandpa in this article... Campione is the perfect place for PTs -- combining the best features of Italian Libertarian Anarchy and Swiss Efficiency...

July 12, 2020

Campione is an Italian Tax Haven Enclave in Switzerland... an interesting option for anyone who wants a tax haven residence, but doesn't want to spend the twenty times more that Monaco would cost.... It is similar to Andorra taxwise, but warmer, and more conveniently located. It is a short drive to Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany or France. The Campione residence card is like an EU passport. In this article Grandpa gives more details of how YOU could benefit personally from establishing residence in Campione.

July 10, 2020

Bit of a double-edged sword, but I thought it might be of interest to all the laptop users, if you're not using something like this already. Prey is a simple and lightweight program that will help you track and find your laptop if it ever gets stolen. It works in all operating systems and not only is it Open Source but also completely free...

July 9, 2020

Private banks & stockbrokers (especially those having discretionary investment powers over your money) in Switzerland (and everywhere else) will always have a conflict of interest. What is not generally known is that banking customers are divided by their advisers into several groups of fools. Most of us fall into the largest group: Those who will accept without argument or negotiations, any old and new fees, surcharges, high bank commissions on every trade, etc. And dummies who will "invest" in any "product" recommended -- no matter how foolish. What can you do about it? In this article Gramps tells you "How to Beat the System" ....

July 5, 2020

No I'm not talking about the Guantanamo stuff, where terrorism suspects are whisked off the streets of Rome chloroformed. No, I mean simple automatic rendition. Rendition is about as uncomplicated and informal as U can get. No hearings, no appeals. Infinitely more likely than extradition. Ninety-nine percent of the targets of rendition are never anybody you’d read about in the newspapers. They are just low level schmucks. Like when a minor level fugitive even an alimony or child support non-payer is located, say in Europe by his ex-wife’s lawyers. Then BB gives the local cops his particulars...

July 3, 2020

I am sure Goya would agree that all the energy he wasted on getting the legal right to a few letters after his name, could have been better spent on producing more great art. Status symbols one can accumulate in life are not important. Do you agree that your time energy and money should be directed towards gaining what is important to you -- not to others?

June 30, 2020

Here, we present divergent views on a simple economics lesson on the velocity of money. Grandpa says: What me Worry? I believe in looking for opportunities; not worrying. The world will go on turning long after this crisis passes. WW1 & WW2 for instance were a much worse period--- a more dangerous time. 50 million People worldwide actually died then. Mere Unemployment for even 15% or bank failures is not the end of the earth.

June 28, 2020

A Panama law firm that recommends offshore business in Guatemala? A bizarre warning on the internet got Gramps going on the topic of the future of bank secrecy. Grandpa also advises how to "do it yourself... trust no one!" A person should never entrust control or signing power over his assets to any trustees, representatives, lawyers or otherwise, or under power of attorney. Such trust always means there is a substantial risk that they will lose their money. If this law firm is willing to open a trust relationship without "knowing the customer" it means they are willing to accept serious criminals using false identities as clients, and if anything will bring heat on them, that will -- unless they already are "the heat." If a loophole really exists, rule #1 is never put it into print. There are still many ways to "get your ass and your assets out of the country" and to do it LEGALLY; but the client must have the correct mental state [no intention of tax evasion] and be willing to do it in a way that Grandpa reveals only to trusted & qualifying clients...

June 26, 2020

How about conservative forex trading as a portable profession? Grandpa says that Stock trading, and Forex trading is gambling. Nothing more or less. Conservative Gambling? I guess that means you only bet what you can afford to lose.

June 24, 2020

Gramps found interesting a recent Bloomberg news article about white-collar fugitives such as Sam Israel and Marcus Schrenker who get caught because of lack of preparation. Escapees often “have a plan to get from point A to point B. They usually don’t have a plan to get from point C to point D.” Interesting article including comments from Dog The Celebrity Bounty Hunter.

June 22, 2020

Here are the latest updates to the BBBB Resource List, including Print on Demand, Beach Resorts and European Private Banking as well as Second Passport Validity Info and PT Publications in German. PLUS One free email consultation, value Euro 1000/$1500 to readers who have completed & understood the PT concept from books like PT, BBBB or Invisible Investor. Available only to readers who have READ THE BOOKS and fully understand the concept!!! Next step up: 1 on 1 unlimited personal consulting for a fraction of what inferior information and services would cost from any lawyer. Besides, lawyers do not want PTs for clients because PTs don't need them any more...

June 22, 2020

Actually there are no Z rated bonds... but almost! Here in just 300 words is what PTs need to know about bonds (assuming you are a beginner rather than a professional investor) Plus a hidden GEM if you want to know who to contact to trade in bonds.

June 20, 2020

We are receiving one to two complaints per week about passport rip-offs. This is the story on which the character Fritz von Butz in the original Black Books was based. Naturally anyone with half a brain can use Photoshop, Adobe or any similar photo editing program and edit a plausible passport that looks REAL! An associate, contrary to our sound advice, went for a passport offer that was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. A Greek (EU) passport program. The result? He lost US$80,000

June 17, 2020

Cash is King! 18 ways to make it easier to function in the underground economy using only cash. Practical Privacy Tactics... Plus Gramps Comments on How and Why Gringoes must get a Second Citizenship...

June 15, 2020

I see absolutely no reason for any intelligent person to be involved with giving other people [like lawyers, accountants or trustees] ANY knowledge or control of their financial affairs. Period. You can get their usually bad advice by going into see them and asking questions as "Mr. Smith..." ...

June 9, 2020

Marriage. Grandpa says : It is always a very bad idea for men [and smart/rich women as well!]. “Marriage” does you no possible good and merely gets the State in bed with you... A marriage without the “piece of paper” is superior in every way to the formality of marriage and all the legal baggage that comes with it. Any damage an ex-girlfriend or mistress can do, it is NOTHING compared to what a "spurned wife" can do to you--especially once she hires a man-hating, man-eating super tough lawyer on a contingent fee….

June 6, 2020

A reader asks: "So if not "legal marriage", then have kids without getting married? Is that what you mean? Normally ladies are looking for this legal safeguard so they feel more "SAFE" Here are Gramps' thoughts on the David Carradine case in a Thailand. "Nice to be able to help you guys "in love" to get your head on straight before U do something stupid..."

June 3, 2020

An M.D. client writes: It works so well that when I forgot to write the order for babies with skin problems, my nurses would remind me. If the nurses want something, then you can be sure it works!

June 1, 2020

A country with fine food, good beer and beautiful women can't be all bad! Or can it? Is Switzerland better? Or Ireland where they steal fish out of ponds? An entertaining and informative PT debate by hushbands of Filipinas is raging here...

May 29, 2020

For those of you interested in following what's going on in the world of fake and illegal second passports, the following might (will) be of interest. Stratfor claim you can buy a genuine US passport for $30K and a genuine US visa for $10-$15K. "In some visa waiver countries, it is also cheaper and easier to obtain a genuine passport from a corrupt government official than it is in the United States." The conclusion: "Document vendors will continue to shift and adjust their efforts to adapt to the WHTI and exploit other vulnerabilities in the system."

May 27, 2020

????? Bank [branches throughout the offshore world] for instance, will lend serious money based upon assets in their control. How does this work? Is it a good idea? They arrange for borrowing money in low cost currencies like Yen where the interest rate was 1% and buying stuff like Norwegian Crowns where a while back the interest rate was closer to 10% . They give huge leverage, but your backing assets on deposit have to assume the currency risk.

May 25, 2020

You get a whiff of the arbitrary nonsense that are nation states. And, you have a hell of a lot of time on your hands to do all the things you never had time for (write a book, learn a language, develop a business plan, finally master that darn computer game you never really got into, etc.) If you are older, it will probably help you regain the perspective you lost during all those years running in circles....

May 23, 2020

In our last Grandpa's Raw PT Resources post, we mentioned Liberty Haven. There's a story behind this... Does anybody know what happened to writer Adam Starchild? Is this dude ranch in Arizona anything to do with him? Probably not, but here's a little more insight into this little blooper...

May 21, 2020

Everybody I know or have heard of who puts money into offshore trusts that they can't later control [like it was their own bank account] regret it bitterly later....

May 18, 2020

From time to time Grandpa himself contributes sites that have helped him the most. These are Gramps' personal bookmarks that are of universal interest to PTs...

May 16, 2020

Question: Staying entirely off all government computers and databases used to be a major PT strategic objective. Why isn't it any more? Answer: Big Brother is profiling and hassling a different gang of suspects these days just because they are NOT on computers. The above Q and A appeared in the original black books. There's a whole chapter about how staying off databases entirely is no longer the PT's goal, because it makes you a suspect (and can make life very difficult too!) Here's an interesting and updated perspective from a reader...

May 14, 2020

A perfect example of "How to Win Friends and Influence People in Small Corrupt Countries." The eight Americans were greeted at ***** Airport by a smiling host who guided them effortlessly through customs and on to the posh ***** Hotel for cocktails and a sumptuous dinner. Next morning the visitors were shuttled to the country’s thriving new tourist attraction: the Palace of Justice. By noontime they were divorced from their spouses back home...

May 13, 2020

We hope you'll forgive us a little self promotion, this is a very inspirational story and it makes the entire BBBB team feel happy that we are helping people with much more than just financial problems... and our readers can learn a lot from this guy, Dr D. from Australia

May 11, 2020

In any business you need free publicity, to reach new customers. I just saw a thing on yahoo news from a female matchmaker, She was nothing special to look at herself, maybe 40 yrs old skinny blond.... In this article learn the great way this lady got free publicity, and Grandpa's comments on it...

May 9, 2020

Voltaire noted that "It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong." The PT idea is being to look after yourself and your extended family; to be ready to quit any group or move out of any country that controls or regulates you in a way that’s dangerous or uncomfortable. PTs like me will help others so inclined, but in general we feel you must run your own life; It is possible and desirable to stay under the radar.

May 7, 2020

Even today a physical maildrop is often essential to receive things and/or show as your residence on official documents. But you don't want to use a place that's a known maildrop. Here's a great way to get a private maildrop or accommodation address anywhere - and it's almost free!