How Quickly Can I Expect to Receive My Order?

When you place an order and make payment by credit card from this site the entire purchase process typically takes less than five minutes. Once your purchase is confirmed you will receive a download link for your e-book. At that time your log-in to our Members Area "Grandpa's Missives" will also be valid.

In what format are your e-books delivered?

All our e-books are provided in pdf file format. To read them you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or other compatible pdf software installed on your computer. Our preferred pdf reader is Foxit.

How does the free one-month trial work?

We offer a free one-month trial to Grandpa's Missives with the purchase of any e-book from this site. We hope you will enjoy the trial and decide to continue with the service, in which case your credit card will automatically be rebilled for the service on a monthly basis. However there is absolutely no obligation to purchase this service. You may cancel the Grandpa's Missive service and thereby the credit card rebilling at any time. To do so simply log in with your user name and password and follow the simple instructions. If you cancel within one month of your initial purchase, your card will not be charged.

My credit card was rejected but I know I have funds available

There are a number of possible reasons for this, but we do not have any control over the matter unfortunately. Usually when this happens it is due to procedures put in place to avoid fraud. This kind of block frequently occurs where clients are using a credit card issued in one country but are physically located in a different country at the time of the purchase. This is often flagged as potentially fraudulent. In other cases, your card issuing bank may regard a transaction from overseas as unusual and may require you to call them and authorize it. It is very important to ensure when placing your order that the data you enter such as billing address and telephone number are completely accurate. If your card transaction has been rejected but you don't know why, please talk in the first instance to our authorized reseller who processes the transaction, or to your card issuing bank. If after reviewing the above and trying again your transaction is still rejected, please consider paying by Western Union (see below). The Western Union system is very fast and efficient.

Can I buy without a credit card?

Yes, you may order the e-books without a credit card. You may also subscribe to Grandpa's Missives without a credit card, but since we are unable to process monthly payments manually we would ask you to pay at least six months advance - in return for this we offer you a 15% discount. We accept payment by either bank transfer to our IBAN bank account in Europe, or Western Union or Moneygram payment to an authorized representative of our company. Please simply fill in the contact form specifying what you wish to order and your preferred payment method, and we will email you back asap with the necessary details. Once you have sent the payment let us know, and as soon as we have confirmed it we will email you the e-books and/or activate your access to Grandpa's Missives. Sorry but for differing reasons we do not accept any other kinds of payment like checks, Paypal, e-gold etc so please don't bother asking.

I cannot access Grandpa's Missives

In order to log in, you will need to enter your e-mail address (the same one you used and verified when placing your order) together with the password you selected at the time of signing up. If you have forgotten or are unsure of the password, please click on the forgot password link for help. If you still cannot get in but believe you have paid, please contact us for personalized assistance using our contact form.

Can I do a deal with you?

We do sometimes accept trades or payment in kind from people with interesting products or services.

Do you offer personalized consultancy services?

We are Global Liberty Publishing Inc and we are an internet based content management company. We are not involved in any financial or advice services. Our authors may work independently of our company as consultants, and our material may refer you to third party businesses offering such services. We do not receive or accept any commissions or benefits from any third parties for these mentions or listings. These referrals are made for your convenience. However any arrangements you make with such third parties are entirely your own responsibility. We do not participate and we cannot accept any responsibility for business you conduct with parties other than Global Liberty Publishing Inc.

Are your services legal?

Global Liberty Publishing Inc is a content management company. We operate under rights of freedom of the press, speech and expression such as the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and its equivalent in all civilized countries. We do not encourage or condone any illegal acts. Although it is of course not illegal to write about illegal acts, our editorial guidelines specifically require us to remind readers of the need for compliance with the law of any applicable jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the reader to develop his or her own plans and seek suitably qualified legal or tax counsel in any country that might have legal jurisdiction.