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Grandpa's Missives is like Grandpa's own social networking site. We might also have called this "Grandpa Live" because this is where you can get right inside Grandpa's brilliant PT, international dealmaker mind, interact socially with him online and have access to his unedited thoughts as they happen...

How to be financially independent? What "Portable Trades and Jobs" can you do all over the world without permits or licenses? How can you float around on a yacht in exotic tropical paradises and support yourself by making deals, foreign investments and consulting?
Minimize taxes? Sure! How to maximize personal safety, avoiding wars, thieves, conmen, disasters and terrorists?

These are all topics on Grandpa's mind, along with more practical how-to information like updates on second passport programs or offshore banking secrecy. You'll also hear about special one-of-a-kind deals that come up from time to time, to obtain residency, passports or profits!

If you are lonely or in an unhappy relationship, Grandpa's Missives will also show you how to shake yourself loose; finding more attractive and sexy girlfriends than you can handle! If short term hot romance is not your thing, Grandpa will also tell you how to find PTs found perfect wives. You may be old, bald and fat like Grandpa but as a PT you will be a magnet to women of quality and youth (if you want youth) that would be unattainable in your home country.


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How much is a gem worth that could get you a second passport for free or earn you a million dollars on one deal? What's an idea or contact worth who could save you thousands in taxes or legally slash your divorce settlement? What is it worth to you to have access to truly unque information to turn your life around and be Happy, Healthy, Sexy, Wealthy and Free? What are the random ramblings of a PT worth?

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