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Those who might think that the US Government would never do something like confiscating the gold holdings of its citizens to support the falling dollar would do well to remember that Americans only regained the "right" to own gold bullion as individuals on 31st December, 1974.

Previously, since the confiscation of Gold by President Roosevelt after the Great Depression in 1933, Americans were only allowed to own numismatic coins whose prices were determined more by collector interest than by the value of their gold content. Numismatic and collector coins sell at huge markups, sometimes at prices many times the value of their gold content. In contrast, gold bullion coins sell at small markups over the international spot value or market price of their gold content.

1975 marked a new epoch in gold bullion investments. At the time the Mexican 'Centenario' 50 Pesos and the Austrian 100 Crowns bullion coins gained popularity in the States. However, it was the introduction of Krugerrands by the South African mint that laid the foundation for today's vibrant gold bullion coin market.

American Gold Eagles: The best-selling gold bullion investment grade coins

Today, American Gold Eagles are the best selling gold investment bullion coins in the world. South African Krugerrands, although no longer imported into the U.S. for the investment market, also remain very popular. Thousands of Krugerrands trade daily in the U.S. Krugerrands sell at much smaller premiums over spot than Gold Eagles. Still, Gold Eagles are generally acknowledged as the best selling gold bullion coins in the world, as millions of investors have made them their preferred gold investment.

Alternative Gold Bullion Investment Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins have become less popular as bullion investment coins in recent years because the coin's design results in the coins being easily scratched and damaged. Mexican Centenarios and Austrian 100 Crowns are less well known gold bullion coins, which often can be purchased at smaller premiums than Krugerrands, make excellent gold investments. Gold bullion investors seeking bargains should always inquire about Mexican Centenario and Austrian 100 Corona coins.

Why, then, do gold investors prefer Gold Eagles and Krugerrands? Probably the main reason is that they contain exactly one ounce of gold. The Mexican Centenario contains 37.5 grams (1.2057 ounce) and the Austrian 100 Corona piece 0.9802 ounce. These are something of a mathematical conundrum to Americans, who are generally more comfortable with whole ounces than with grams or fractional ounces.

Additionally, Gold Eagles and Krugerrands have their gold contents stamped on them in English. In contrast, Centenarios have "37.5 Gms ORO PURO" stamped on them in Spanish and 100 Coronas do not have their gold content stamped on them at all.

Less-known gold investment coins

Less-known gold investment coins include Chinese Pandas, Australian Kangaroo/Nuggets, Austrian Philharmonics, and Hungarian 100 Koronas (sister coins to the Austrian 100 Coronas).

Although there are other gold investment coins, mostly old European coins, they should be avoided by most investors. Old European gold coins almost never have their gold content stamped on them.

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