The Bye Bye Big Brother service offers unique advantages to members. By signing up to Grandpa's Missives you will receive:

  • Frequent but irregular communications from Grandpa
  • Additional PT-oriented news from GLP's editorial team
  • Updates on Second Passport Programs
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive offshore deals
  • Access to downloads of exclusive material and 'lost chapters'
  • Convenient access to external PT material downloads in one place
  • Searchable Archive of Grandpa's Missives
  • Frequently Updated Directory of Private Banks
  • Frequently Updated Directory of Second Passport and Citizenship Experts
  • Exclusive one-on-one referrals to Reputable Private Banks (for an extra charge)
  • Exclusive valuable discounts on Offshore Structures and Services
  • Free Introduction for an Offshore Online Brokerage Account
  • Due Diligence advice service
  • Invitations to Exclusive Events

More exclusive member benefits will be added in the coming months. It is likely that at that time we will also increase the price. However, for members who join now we guarantee not to increase the price.

Your first month's trial membership comes free with the purchase of any e-book available via the site. If you do not cancel within the first month, the membership fee will be rebilled automatically at a fee of EUR 29 per month. For full details of Grandpa's Missives please click here.