Are you interested in the PT theory but need to understand more? Can you afford to become a PT? More importantly, can you afford not to become a PT? You want to know How to Be Happy, Healthy, Sexy and Wealthy?

Learn more about the Bye Bye Big Brother philosophy, PT and the Six Flags Theory by taking a test drive and downloading a specially selected sample chapter of Invisible Investor. Entitled "PT - What's It All About" in this chapter you will discover:

  • The Threat Called Government
  • How PTs Operate Legally, but Outside the Usual Rules
  • How to Break Free and Avoid Taxes Legally
  • The American Exception
  • Why Many People Left Ireland (case study)
  • Welcome to Freedom
  • PT and Politics: Why They Don't Mix
  • The PT Lifestyle
  • What if Everyone Became a PT?
  • How to Begin your PT Quest

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